Playing the Online Dating Game, in a Wheelchair

"I kept my answer simple and told him that yes, I do use a wheelchair, but I was much more interested in the back story of the iguana. Unfortunately, he wasn’t interested at all, messaging back only to say: “Sorry. The wheelchair’s a deal-breaker for me.”"

By Emily Ladau

For The New York Times 

Find laws and regulations, file a complaint, look at the design standards and find technical assistance materials. 

50 Best Disability Friendly Colleges and Universites

" The services usually consist of programs that encourage accessibility, advocacy and opportunity for the academic success of all students needing assistance. Many services provided by these schools are done so free of charge and are offered through the generous work of volunteers. "  

College Choice



This website is still growing but is a great resource for several cities in the US. Find accessible attractions, itineraries, caregivers, transportation, tour companies and medical equipment rentals. 

Wheelchair Travel

John Morris is a 28-year-old triple amputee and wheelchair user who blogs about his experiences traveling all over the world. His website has great resources for international travel, including how to charge your power chair, the best travel insurance for you and lists of accessible hotels. 


AbleThrive has what you need to find information on the safety rating for different destinations, ground travel, things to do, hotels and even cruises. You can even filter the search results by your level of mobility.



The Light Rail System in Denver is fully wheelchair accessible at every light rail station and every train. The entire system is made up of 53 stations and 9 lines that service Denver's North, East, Southeast, Southwest, and West neighborhoods. The first train car is accessible on all trains and wheelchair users should wait at the top of the elevated platform for the train they need in the designated wheelchair area. The car will be equipped with a fold out ramp and the operator will help you to enter and exit the car - please note that securement is not assisted or required. Find more information on RTD's Accessibility by clicking here. For the RTD schedule click here  For the system map click here and for fares and rates click here. 

RTD's bus system runs 365 days a year and has over 9,000 stops through eight counties through the Metro Denver area. ALL buses are wheelchair accessible including the Free MallRide and the Free MetroRide. All wheelchair users must use the designated securement area and must be secured by the operator. The operator will also help you enter and exit the bus. You can find out more information on the bus system accessibility if you click here. 

You can find the RTD bus system map by clicking here, for the bus schedule click here, and for fares and rates click here. 

Taxi Service

Denver has a small number of wheelchair accessible taxis that are equipped for both power and manual chairs. They all have ramps that are roll in/out and require securement. The driver will be prepared to assist you with entering and exiting the cab. You can secure a cab from Denver International Airport with priority arrival but it is recommended that for other calls you should reserve at least two hours in advance. 

Denver Yellow Cab 


Accessibility Information 

Metro Taxi 


Accessibility Information 

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VAN RENTAL AND wheelchair repair

333 East 76th Ave. Denver, CO 80122

Services - Accessible Van Rental - Click here 


205 East Dry Creek Rd. Littleton, CO 80122

Services - Accessible  Van Rental - Click here. 

(800) 456-1371

4255 Osceola Street, Denver 80212

Services - Wheelchair rental - Click here 

(303) 455-4225

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The State Capitol building is the home of the states governor, the and the Lieutenant Governor, and the Colorado State Assemble as well as a tourist attraction. Visitors can tour the Capitol on their own or with a guide. All tours are free and offered Monday through Friday. The entire Capitol building is  accessible with the exception of the dome which can only be accessed by a staircase. For more information click here.

The Botanical Gardens is a 23 acre park with a conservatory, many themed gardens and amphitheater and a Xeriscape demonstration garden.  Most of the gardens are wheelchair accessible but some of it is only accessible with staff assistance. For more information click here.  

The Denver Art Museum houses one of the most impressive art collections in the United States. The museum is made up of three different buildings that are all wheelchair accessible. For more information on the museums accessibility click here. And for information on tickets click here