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These are some of our favorite books but you can find other, more topic specific books on other tabs throughout the website. Scroll to the bottom and add your suggestions below!

Edward T. Creagan

How to Find Happiness and Vitality for a Lifetime

Dan Buettner

New York Times best-selling author Dan Buettner reveals the surprising secrets of what makes the world's happiest places—and shows you how to apply these lessons to your own life.

Being Mortal

Atul Gawande

“Being Mortal,” is a personal meditation on how we can better live with age-related frailty, serious illness and approaching death. - The New York Times


Malcolm Gladwell

Blink is a book about how we think without thinking, about choices that seem to be made in an instant-in the blink of an eye-that actually aren't as simple as they seem. - Amazon

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Amit Sood

"Happiness is a habit. For some of us, that habit is a natural inclination; for others, it is a learned behavior. The Mayo Clinic Handbook for Happiness combines wisdom from neuroscience, psychology, philosophy, and spirituality to help you choose contentment."


Atul Gawande

The struggle to perform well is universal: each of us faces fatigue, limited resources, and imperfect abilities in whatever we do. But nowhere is this drive to do better more important than in medicine, where lives may be on the line with any decision.

Malcolm Gladwell

In this stunning new book, Malcolm Gladwell takes us on an intellectual journey through the world of "outliers"--the best and the brightest, the most famous and the most successful. He asks the question: what makes high-achievers different?


Arianna Huffington

As more and more people are coming to realize, there is far more to living a truly successful life than just earning a bigger salary and capturing a corner office.

Honest Medicine: Shattering the Myths About Aging and Health Care

Donald J Murphy

Addresses many myths, mistakes, and misconceptions about health care for the elderly and discusses doctors, the insurance industry, preventive medicine, and a range of diseases and disorders commonly associated with aging.

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