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Where Joy Hides And How To Find It

"Cherry blossoms and rainbows, bubbles and googly eyes: Why do some things seem to create such universal joy? In this captivating talk, Ingrid Fetell Lee reveals the surprisingly tangible roots of joy and shows how we all can find -- and create -- more of it in the world around us."

Ingrid Fetell Lee | TED2018

Date Nights That Won't Break The Bank

The idea of "date night" can come with a lot of pressure. Have you gotten stuck in a rut of going to a chain restaurant and then heading home? If that's what you enjoy then go for it! But for some, that just means the same meals, same conversations, and $100 plus dollars out the window. So let's change it up! Summer in Denver is packed with events that will break up your date night monotony. Here are our 8 favorite date night ideas to help you spice it up!

By Britney Menter 

For Aging Well Denver 

How to Really Help a Family Caregiver

"A middle-aged woman approached me after a caregiver conference several years ago with a common question. “It upsets me to see my best friend wearing herself out while caring for her husband for dementia,” she said. “What should I do to help her?”

By Barry J Jacobs