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Parenting in Today's World

"When presented with the prospect of writing a blog post I have to admit, I struggled with what to express on my views in raising my kids and any semblance of wisdom or experience I could share from sheepherding three incredible children over the past six years. Then it hit me. There is a universal notion that I believe unifies the modern parenting experience: guilt."

By Anonymous Dad 

For Aging Well Denver

What I've Learned About Parenting As A Stay-At-Home Dad

"Glen Henry got his superpowers through fatherhood. After leaving behind a job he hated and a manager he didn't get along with, he went to work for an equally demanding boss: his kids. He shares how he went from thinking he knew it all about being a stay-at-home parent to realizing he knew nothing at all -- and how he's now documenting what he's learned."

Glen Henry  | TEDxMidAtlantic

Having a Dog Might Just Save Your Life, Study Says

"People in possession of a pooch were less likely to have cardiovascular disease or die from any cause during the 12 years covered by the study, according to the study published in Scientific Reports. The impact was greatest for single people, said Mwenya Mubanga, an author of the paper from the university’s Department of Medical Sciences and the Science for Life Laboratory."

By Michelle Cortez for Bloomburg

Contraception, With Teenagers in Mind

"Rather, the data indicate that more teens now use contraception when they have sex. Still, too many fail to use the most effective methods or use them incorrectly or inconsistently, resulting in ill-timed or unwanted pregnancies. Even informed teenagers may have trouble accessing contraceptives."

By Jane E. Brody

For The New York Times

A Before-School Exercise Program May Help Children Thrive

"A supervised exercise program that gets young children running and playing for an hour before school could make them happier and healthier, while also jibing with the needs and schedules of parents and school officials, according to a new study involving two dozen elementary and middle schools."

By Gretchen Reynolds

For The New York Times