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Dietary Considerations for Sleep Apnea

"Sleep Apnea is a condition which affects millions of people each year yet often goes undiagnosed. This condition has the potential to greatly disrupt natural sleep cycles. Using comfortable mattresses, natural sleep aids, and calming bedtime routines are all powerful ways to promote healthy sleep—but few are capable of addressing sleep apnea symptoms."

The Organic Newsroom

I Put Magnesium Oil All Over My Body For Pain Relief and the Results Were Surprising

"During a late-night Google session in which I was attempting to find a solution for the particularly annoying (and sometimes painful) leg cramps I'd been having, I came across the idea of transdermal magnesium therapy (aka rubbing magnesium oil all over your body). I had been specifically trying to find an alternative to Epsom salt baths, since after moving into a tiny apartment — sans bath — I didn't exactly have the option of soaking my troubles away."

By Phoebe Youl

For Popsugar


Healthy Eating for a Healthy Weight

"A healthy lifestyle involves many choices. Among them, choosing a balanced diet or healthy eating plan. So how do you choose a healthy eating plan? Let’s begin by defining what a healthy eating plan is."