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6 Common Myths About Protein and Protein Powder, Debunked

"Is there really such a thing as an anabolic window? Is whey protein the only protein that can be used to build muscle? Will drinking protein shakes turn you into the Incredible Hulk?  As with anything in the fitness industry, there are a lot of myths circulating surrounding the benefits and efficacy of protein powder."

The Organic Newsroom

This Diet May Help Prevent Kidney Stones

"Consuming adequate fluid on a daily basis is very important to reduce your risk of kidney stone formation. Be sure to consume 2-3 liters of fluid daily and drink at least 8 ounces of fluid before going to bed at night. Consider the following points when working to increase your fluid intake. "

Aging Well Denver 

Dietary Considerations for Sleep Apnea

"Sleep Apnea is a condition which affects millions of people each year yet often goes undiagnosed. This condition has the potential to greatly disrupt natural sleep cycles. Using comfortable mattresses, natural sleep aids, and calming bedtime routines are all powerful ways to promote healthy sleep—but few are capable of addressing sleep apnea symptoms."

The Organic Newsroom

Black Vegans Step Out, for Their Health and Other Causes

“When you say ‘vegan,’ a lot of people tend to only think of PETA, which doesn’t reflect the massive landscape of vegan activism,” said Ms. Ko, 28, a Floridian whose favorite dish at the moment is the spinach pie in “The Vegan Stoner Cookbook.” “The black vegan movement is one of the most diverse, decolonial, complex and creative movements.”

By Kim Severson 

For The New York Times