Colorado to get $107 million in latest tobacco settlement

"The $107 million is in addition to the already scheduled annual payment of $75 million, which also is owed to Colorado in April. The additional sum is the result of a settlement reached by Coffman’s office with several tobacco companies, which withheld a portion of the payments the last 11 years as they claimed states were failing to comply with the settlement rules."

By Jennifer Brown 

For The Denver Post

New Montbello Open Space Park gets climbing wall from The North Face

"A million-dollar climbing wall coming to a new park in Denver’s Montbello neighborhood is the first in The North Face’s “Walls Are Meant for Climbing” campaign, which the apparel maker hopes will skew the national dialogue around walls away from politics toward rocky cliffs that inspire, challenge and unite."

By Jason Blevins

For The Know Outdoors

DU GSSW Prof. Jennifer  Greenfeild Studies The Health Implications Of Paid Medical Leave And Advocates For Reform

"Paid medical leave is something of a professional crusade for Greenfield, whose research focuses on the intersections of health and wealth disparities among women, especially through the mechanism of caregiving. But the issue is personal, too. In 2014, Greenfield’s twin sons were born seven weeks early and spent the first month of their lives in the NICU. "