WebMD Magazine

Healthy recipes, articles written by leading healthcare professionals and leading advice in the healthcare industry. 

Here you can find news and articles pertaining to older Americans, resources and products promoted and advice written by AARP staff. 

Women's Health Magazine

This female driven online magazine is an excellent resource for fitness routines, healthy recipes, discussions on women's issues and product recommendations. Are you looking for a healthy weekend activity? Check out their Active Girls Guide to Denver.

Mens Health Resource Center

An online directive for all things Men's Health. Follow the link to read up on prostate health, cardiovascular disease and what you should ask your doctor at your next physical. 

Prevention Magazine

This magazine is worth the monthly subscription, but if you prefer to get your information online, they can help you there too. Sign up here for their free newsletter to receive a recipe of the day, the latest articles on health, weightless and hundreds of exercises that you can do from home! 

Esquire - Fitness and Health

This popular magazine isn't just about celebrities and the newest trends in fashion. Their staff has some excellent advice on vitamins and supplements, ways to make your workout really count and protein packed recipes. Have you been thinking about adding meditation to your daily routine? Click here for 6 easy techniques to get started!

New Scientist

News and Research from across the pond.

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