Get The Most Out Of Your Physical

A good tip here is to call your doctor’s office before your appointment and ask them to order your blood tests to a lab before your appointment. That way, you can discuss your results and any questions you have during your appointment. As we said, they will only take these appointments as seriously as you do, so look at your results and understand them. Whatever you don’t understand, ask about.

By The Seasoned Millennial 

For Aging Well Denver

Personal Genetic Testing Is Here. Do We Need It?

"Geisinger’s genetic screening panel is currently available only to patients in its health system. But the organization has partnered with a Silicon Valley start-up called Helix, one of a growing number of digital health companies — perhaps the best known is 23andMe — in an effort to make its genetic services more widely available to the public."

By Anahad O'Connor,

For The New York Times

The Government's Role in Combating Loneliness

Loneliness is hazardous to your health—and more psychologists and doctors are calling for a public-health campaign to fight it.

By Emily Holland

For Wall Street Journal 

The Appointment Ends. Now the Patient Is Listening.

"The next time you see your cardiologist or internist, what would happen if you took out your smartphone or a digital recorder and said you’d like to record your appointment?"

By Paula Span

For The New York Times