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The Perfect Fitness Studio - Find Yours In Denver

Boutique gyms have been popping up in the Denver area for years now and the trend is nowhere close to slowing down. Attendance at specialty gyms is consistently rising and their business accounts for a large chunk of the multi-billion dollar fitness industry. Why are they so popular? People appreciate the specialization. Do you feel lost when you walk into a big gym? Or even intimidated? Well, fitness studios eliminate the feeling of not being sure what to do with yourself. They are structured, inclusive and can produce great results if you are consistent.

Aging Well Denver 

Run a 5k This Fall

Whether you're a seasoned runner or a newbie, local 5k races are a perfect way to get involved in your community and motivate yourself to stay active. Here in Denver, we have so many options for Fall races and the timing couldn't be better! If a 5k sounds intimidating to you remember there will be plenty of walkers, and if you're looking for a new challenge there are many programs that will help you get prepared in just a few weeks!

Aging Well Denver



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15 Great Running Trails Around Denver And Boulder For Veterans and Newbies Alike

"We’ve got long runs at altitude and tough climbs. We’ve got great open spaces where it feels like you could run forever. We’ve got urban runs, suburban runs, even a rural run. Whether you’re just getting started (and are hoping to shed a few winter pounds), ramping up for a big race or looking for some new places to get out of a rut, you’ll find a place to get your miles in here."

By John Meyer 

For The Denver Post