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6 Unexpected Beauty Products We're Loving

Most of us aren't switching up our beauty routines very often, especially the products that we put on our skin. That's why we let the product junkies try everything and report back, but I have always been tempted though by more unexpected beauty products that are less consequential. I always think it's fun to go to the beauty tools section of the store and just browse around. The products I want to share with you today are things I use regularly and genuinely love!

Makeup Removing Towels - I really can't explain just how surprised I was by these. I bought a generic version at TjMaxx thinking I would just give them a try. They promise to remove ALL of your makeup, including pesky mascara, with nothing but water... Sounds too good to be true, right? Nope! They work! I was so impressed that I actually looked forward to washing my face at night. I bought one for my mom and and now I'm so in love with them that I want to buy them in bulk and just hand them out to women on the street. If you wear makeup, you need these. That's all there is to it.

Tinted Dry Shampoo - I love my hair. What I don't love is the washing and drying process. I dislike it so much that I have found a way to go at least a week at a time without washing it at all. That could be a whole article in itself, but the secret is dry shampoo. I use it after workouts, and on days when my hair could use a little help with volume or shine control. As a blonde, the powdery residue has never bothered me but for redheads and brunettes, it hasn't been quite as easy until now. In the last few years, more brands have started releasing tinted dry shampoos. You'll be wondering why you didn't try it sooner!

Tinkle Razors - You might be wondering why the heck you would need tiny razors. I can say for certain that they are so much more useful than you think they'll be! Keep your eyebrows in check between waxes, get rid of upper lip peach fuzz or help your partner out with neck trims between haircuts. Like I said... more useful that you think!

Invisibobble - These twisty hair ties will surprise you. I bought them just out of curiosity while I was walking through the checkout line. It was one of those things that just jumps into your cart! If you have long hair though, these are great. They don't pull, snag or crease, and they hold really well all day!

Indian Healing Clay - This clay mask has over 14,000 reviews on Amazon and most of them are 5 star! I found out about this mask through social media about 4 years ago and both my husband and I have been using it pretty regularly since. If you have acne, or just the occasional blemish this stuff is amazing! Mix it with equal parts apple cider vinegar and let it sit on your skin for about 20 minutes before rinsing it off. Your skin will have never felt so clean!

Lip Scrub - This time of the year in Colorado can be tough on your skin. It's easy to forget about taking care of your lips though until they're cracking and painful. This moisturizing scrub can help you keep them in tip top shape though all throughout the winter. Use a tiny bit to exfoliate and get rid of dead, chapped skin and make it through this season without any emergency chap stick hunts!

Do you have any beauty finds that you's like to share? Let us know in the comments! We would love to pass your recommendations along!