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AWD Technology Series | Uber

*This tutorial is for the Apple iPhone at this time, however the app will work relatively similarly across platforms.

First of all, what is Uber? Most of you have likely heard of the ride sharing app, but that doesn't mean you're clear on what it does, or how to use it. Today we're here to explain it, and show you how to use it so that you can go from "what's Uber?" to "I took an Uber home last night."

Uber is a car service comprised of independent contractors who transport you using their personal vehicles. It’s similar to a taxi or private driving service, except that the drivers work for themselves and you can request the rides on demand, at any time, using your smartphone or computer. Uber uses GPS to allow you to track the progress of your ride and estimate your arrival time. All payments are taken through the Uber mobile app, ensuring that you never have to worry about having cash or letting a stranger handle your credit card. You can estimate your trips cost, and tip through the app without ever getting out your wallet.

Uber has several different options for your ride. For instance, you can choose to car pool with other riders or get your own car that will seat up to four people. You can even choose a larger vehicle if you are with a big group and split the tab with other riders in the car that have the app. We will show you later in the tutorial how to choose the car that works best for you.

Lets get started!

Step 1. Open the app store on your smart phone, then click on the search tab and begin typing "uber" into the search bar. When you find the app, press "GET.

Step 2. Once the app has finished downloading you can open it by clicking "open" as shown in the photo below or you can open it through the icon on your home page. When you open the Uber app you will see the screen shown in the middle photo prompting you to enter your phone number. Enter your cell phone number in the space provided. The app will then automatically send you a text message with a verification code. Enter the 4 digit verification code in the spaces provided as shown in the far right photo below.

Step 3. Once you've verified your phone number a screen will pop up prompting you to enter your email address. Enter it and create a password for you account. Once you are through with that you will see the main Uber Screen. Now lets enter your payment information. Click on the small menu in the upper left hand corner of the screen as shown in the middle photo below. Then click on "payment."

Step 4. Click on "Add Payment Method" and then select a type of payment. For this example we will choose "credit or debit card." It will then prompt you to enter your card information as shown in the last photo below and press "save."

Step 5. After entering the payment info you will return to the main screen. To order a car you will need to enter your destination address. For this example we are going to say that we are going from the Four Season Hotel in Denver to Denver International Airport. Begin typing Denver International Airport in the box that says "where to?" The location and address will pop up in a box below. Click on the one that is correct as shown in the last photo below.

Step 6. Once you've chosen your location and destination Uber will show you your route and your estimated cost, and the estimated time of arrival for your car. This is where you can choose the type of car you need. If an economy option works for you then you can select that cars icon and then "Request UberX." Pushing this button will begin your ride and a car will be assigned to you and start heading your way.

Here is a breakdown of the different types of car you can select by pressing "Premium" in the right lower corner of the screen. The options will depend on which drivers are currently working and your local market but these are the most common Uber offerings.

  • UberX – This is the standard Uber service. It provides a private ride in a standard car for up to four passengers, and it’s available in most markets.

  • UberXL – If you need to carry a larger group of people without spending a ton of extra money, then you can use UberXL. These vehicles can carry up to six passengers, making them perfect for nights out with a big group or for larger families.

  • UberBLACK – This is a ride in a black luxury vehicle. You will pay substantially more for this option, but it can be nice for special occasions such as a date or important business meeting. This service is also widely available.

  • UberSUV – You can think of UberSUV as UberBLACK for groups. This is a high-end service, and you’ll pay accordingly. UberSUV can accommodate up to six passengers, and the drivers tend to dress and behave very professionally, making it a similar experience to a private car service you’d use for a business function.

  • UberSELECT – This service is somewhere between UberX and UberBLACK. The cars are high-end luxury sedans or SUVs, but they don’t have to be black and won’t cost you quite as much as an UberBLACK ride.

  • UberLUX – This is the most high-end Uber option available. You can expect to ride in a luxury car such as a Rolls Royce or a Tesla Model X. When you need to make a remarkable first impression, this is the car to go for. Due to the high-end nature, availability is limited, and you can also expect to pay very premium prices — the highest of any Uber services.

  • UberPET – If you need to bring your pet and want to ensure that your driver will be comfortable with it, you can use UberPET. This service is only available in select markets and you’ll pay an extra surcharge of $2 to use it.

  • UberPOOL – If you’re looking to save money and don’t mind sharing your ride with other passengers, then you can use UberPOOL. The service allows you and up to one other person to request a ride at a discounted fare. Along the way, Uber will find other riders who are headed in the same direction as you, and the driver will stop to pick them up. This helps to keep costs down. While you should expect additional pickups and dropoffs during your trip, it’s also possible that you’ll be the only one on the ride; it just depends on the current demand.

  • UberWAV – WAV stands for wheelchair accessible vehicle. This service will give you access to a van that can accommodate riders in a wheelchair. Uber also notes that “uberWAV driver-partners are certified by a third party in safely driving and assisting people with disabilities,” so you can rest assured that entering and exiting the vehicle will be a breeze. The service is available in select cities.

If you want to plan ahead a bit more, you can also schedule a future ride. This is handy for rides to the airport, concerts, busy downtown events and more. Go through the steps to enter your desired location and then click the "schedule ride" button as shown in the middle photo above. Enter the time and date that you need to be picked up and then click "Set Pickup Time."

Now you're ready to ride in the future!

Uber is an incredibly helpful resource for people of all ages! We hope this tutorial was helpful and that you start using it to get yourself all over town!

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