• The Seasoned Millennial

Beware of Con Artists

One of the oldest con artist scams is the door-to-door salesman that wants to sell you a service and never delivers. In Denver and other urban areas, this is a common everyday occurrence. Roofers, lawn service representatives, tree service representatives, door-to-door handyman, charity solicitations, magazine salespeople, window, siding and other door-to-door service people are more likely scammers who will require money upfront and never fulfill obligations. They prey upon older people and the uneducated. There even are times that older people are threatened if they don’t pay more to scammers after receiving less than satisfactory service. The victim doesn’t want to tell anyone because they are embarrassed.

Make sure neighbors and family members keep a close eye on an elder person’s visitors and finances. Anyone that gets taken for money by these scammers is embarrassed and doesn’t want to show that they are not in control of all their lives as they remain in their homes. They worry if a family member finds out they will have to move and not be independent. Con artists know this.

Again, the best defense is to make sure someone has power of attorney for all financial matters as well as being a tenant in common on bank accounts. As our population ages, unfortunately, there will be more fraudulent behavior. The best solution is to never answer the door unless you know who it is. Only use reputable services that a friend or family member recommends and/or is registered with the Denver Business Bureau. To be safe, check for complaints as well as referrals for the business when you need something done and you call the service. Why chance being taken advantage of.

If you don’t answer your door when someone you don’t know is at the door you will be far safer. Teach your children and all family members to never answer the door unless they know the person. A package being delivered by UPS or FedEx will always be redelivered and you can arrange to pick it up or have it delivered on a different day.

This time of year you will see a rise in door to door salesmen. Always be careful and make sure you research the products or company thoroughly before engaging!