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Billions spent on Halloween Candy

We have taken a leave from this site due to a death and a birth . I am going to start again with just a blog. Our

partners still remain the same. I am grateful for them and all the family and friends who help me get through life.

This blog is dedicated to aging well at any age. We age differently everyday from the day we are born. I want to promote planning for future healthy aging with a heavy emphasis on inter generational interaction. One of the many obstacles to healthy aging is isolation. There will be heavy emphasis on being non judgmental, finding joy, showing gratitude And fighting isolation.

There is research that indicates you can make positive health changes in your life no matter what age or income. I thought Halloween was a good place to start.

The fact that we spend billions on Halloween from candy to costumes and decor is appalling to me. Sugar and preservatives in candy are so unhealthy and help create a physical craving for this kind of food. Processed sugar is awful for our body. You can google all the research.

Instead do a kids party with a toy or gift card for best homemade costumes. Ask families to share responsibilities on food . Go to a community center or your place of worship with the whole family and or with friends , organize with others your child’s school for an activity night , Have an apartment or block party. Sure a it takes planing and effort , but you will be instilling a memory and creating a tradition while emphasizing better health and safety. You can have prizes that are not bags of candy. It is okay if everyone takes home a couple of candu bars , but not bags of it. You are helping to fight the number one disease, of isolation in our society. This is a way to involve every generation. Invite grandparents take your kids to a care facility if you have family living in one.

This is a perfect holiday to embrace family and friends of every generation. We can all learn from each other and find out how past Halloweens were spent in different years.

I did this with neighbors when when we had young kids. It was more fun. My neighborhood in general still does this. When I was a kid my grandparents hosted a party and had prizes for the best homemade costume.

We have as a society bought in to going the easier route.In part that has helped create isolation from each other.Instead of sharing homemade treats we substituted individually packaged bags because one or two evil people who spiked the treats with poisonous substances. We have substituted questionable safety for a sense of community.

Good of luck with however you handle Halloween. I hope however, you do it that you include ever generation .