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Finding a Doctor

It's very challenging in today’s healthcare environment to find an internal medicine doctor, family or general practitioner. It's difficult because many practices are full, some have gone concierge and some will only take certain insurances, sometimes no insurances at all and most will not take Medicaid and Medicare. If you have veterans benefits it is possible to go out of network, but it could take six months or a year for a doctor to get paid.

What we have found at Aging Well Denver, is that when you get a new job, or you are at your present job, ask your insurance what doctors are covered under your current insurance plan. Then take the time to call them and find out what other insurance plans they take because odds are if you are 21, you are going to change jobs and possibly professions many times before you reach the age of 50. If the doctor takes multiple plans, there is a good chance when you move on to another career you can stay with your current doctor. There are no guarantees won't have to do this again.

When you're young and starting out you don’t think you need a family practitioner or internal medicine doctor. So, you might call dispatch health, urgent care or even go to the emergency room. They will all tell you that you need to follow up with your doctor and that is where you run into problems and the search is on to find a doctor.

When you call your health insurance, generally they are going to give you the newest doctor or the doctor with the least patients. This is not necessarily a bad thing. When you get in touch with this doctor find out what forms of communications they use to stay in contact with their patients. Another great way to find a doctor is by networking. Check with your fellow employees and friends that might be with the same insurance company to see what doctor they go to. You also can look for holistic doctors and understand they may not take insurance and cannot prescribe pharmaceuticals.

This is the part of life that is frustrating and we must get over it. If you learn to do this in your 20’s and you have to do it again you will have more comfort and ease when dealing with a medical problem. We all think we are infallible, particularly when we are in our 20’s and 30’s, but the reality is, we are not.

You certainly can use guidance from online websites but that’s all those sites are, a general guide to general problems. But please be weary to the rating in any search site for doctors because more than likely they are often manipulated by the site or are only based on one or two ratings. Unfortunately, you will always have to deal with the front office in any health providers. Most are not trained, under paid, and high turnover in those positions. You can never go wrong by being extra nice and extra kind to them because they are the ones that will help you get an appointment or make sure you get a call back.

We all have different chemistry and our bodies all respond differently in different situations, to different medications, natural products and how we recover. You may need to also help your family go through this process and help find them a doctor.

We would love to hear from you on our forum. If you are seeing a doctor or health provider we would really like your comments with the experiences you have had and hope that this and others will help you have an easier time dealing with your healthcare.