• The Seasoned Millennial

Texts and Emails Cannot Replace Good Old-Fashioned Verbal Communication

Loneliness and isolation when caring for another person or when you are by yourself is awful if you let the isolation absorb you. Your own health weakens from the stress which then carries over to people around you. Sometimes a good cry when you feel overwhelmed will release tension. Also, a good night’s sleep or a nap can help to change your perspective. Nothing can replace hearing the voice of a friend, family member or simply another person. It might even help you if you have an account for you to go on Facebook and feel connected. Even when I work on gratitude mindfulness and my gratitude journal, at times it’s not enough to overcome the feelings of isolation or loneliness. I have a very active social life and friends I am able to vent to friends and family as well as our doctor so that I can cope with day to day life. That said, I constantly have to remind myself how important human verbal interaction is. I get so busy with starting up a new business, answering emails, etc. that I let technology take over instead of talking to the people that are important in my life.

Recently I got myself all worked up over an email from a close friend. I even cried and felt depressed even though I had many positive experiences during that day. Fortunately for me I have learned to pick up the phone and reach out to communicate with that person only to discover that I had misinterpreted the email and as a result had gotten myself worked up for nothing. After we talked and cleared the air, it helped me to have a great day. What this did is remind me about something I already know, which is to verbally communicate with people even if there is a conflict. Writing emails or texting cannot express intonation and emotion. This leads easily to misinterpretation and then we often become more isolated which is becoming a very prominent health concern today. (See this TEDtalk by Susan Pinker)

Remember the next time you get yourself in a twit over a written communication, to reach for the phone or arrange to meet up and talk face to face with the person. Although it can be easier to reach out via text or email, nothing can replace the impact of the human voice and good old-fashioned verbal communication.