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The Perfect Fitness Studio - Find Yours In Denver

Boutique gyms have been popping up in the Denver area for years now and the trend is nowhere close to slowing down. Attendance at specialty gyms is consistently rising and their business accounts for a large chunk of the multi-billion dollar fitness industry.

Why are they so popular? People appreciate the specialization. Do you feel lost when you walk into a big gym? Or even intimidated? Well, fitness studios eliminate the feeling of not being sure what to do with yourself. They are structured, inclusive and can produce great results if you are consistent.

Now that you're interested, where do you start? Well, we have that covered! Denver has tons of options for you to explore. Here, we'll break it down by class type, but if you think you might like to try several of these, there is a service called ClassPass that allows you monthly plans to purchase credits towards classes at multiple fitness studios. Check out the different plans and how it works here.


High Ride Cycle - A workout? More like a 45-minute party! High Ride Cycle combines cardio, weights, and resistance with great music, energetic instructors and a positive vibe that will leave you feeling like a million bucks all day. Check out their class packages and schedule here.

CycleBar - With 9 studios from Fort Collins to Castle Pines you can get your ride in anywhere. This studio mixes up their classes and each one is a different theme. Check the schedule here. Wanting to unplug? This class is the perfect place to do that - they turn off the monitors and crank the tunes to really keep you in the moment.

SoulCycle (opening October 2018) - SoulCycle prides itself on providing you with more than just a sweat session. Candlelit classes combine cycling, strength training and mind-body exercises that will leave you feeling confident and refreshed. SoulCycle Denver will be opening in Cherry Creek this fall.

FlyWheel - Let these high energy, dance party like classes bring out your competitive side. FlyWheel bikes are connected to your account when you sign up for classes so that you can track your progress, race yourself and monitor your calories burned, average speed and distance. The new studio is open near Union Station. See more information on signing up here.

Full Body

Fitwall - This innovative new class will challenge you multiple levels. Every day of the week is a different blend of strength, cardio and flexibility training to leave you feeling sore in the best way. Check out the schedule here and watch a video to get excited here.

OrangeTheory - Join this class if you're craving some competition and maximum calorie burn. OrangeTheory classes are far from boring and with nearly 20 studios in the Denver Area there is almost no reason to miss a day! You'll move between the treadmill for sprints and hill climbing to the floor for circuit exercises for a challenging and exciting workout that you'll want to do again!

Explore Fitness - This Denver based studio was started by a two time Olympian and is guaranteed to challenge you. Stop in for a free consultation and then follow the personalized fitness plan they make for you. Choose personal training sessions or group fitness classes while taking advantage of their nutrition counseling and more. Can't make it happen on a set schedule? They have you covered with their self guided programs. Check it out here.

Pearl Street Fitness - Do you get bored with workouts easily? Then Pearl Street Fitness might just be your gym. With over 100 classes per week, the small Wash Park studio promises never to repeat a workout. The classes mix HIIT workouts, kettle bell weights and body weight exercises that will leave you with wobbly legs and an endorphin high.

Yoga, Barre and Pilates

Barre Forte - Barre classes meld yoga, pilates, and strength training into a one hour muscle burning workout. Choose between 8 classes with different emphasis depending on what you're in the mood for. The best part? You'll be supporting a local, female owned business. There are now 4 Denver area locations for your connivence but keep your eyes peeled for more. Learn more about the classes and the schedule here.

TransFORM Colorado - These low to no impact exercise classes will change your definition of a workout. Each class is taught on either a Lagree Megaformer or a Versa Climber, neither of which put any stress on your bones or joints but leave you sweating and sore. These methods both incorporate balance, flexibility, and resistance. You can learn more about the methods and view the schedule here.

CorePower Yoga - You've likely seen these studios all over Denver and if you're wondering if it's worth the hype - it is! CorePower offers classes for all skill levels and all different types of yogi's. Do you like it hot? There are classes for you. More of a yoga/ strength training mix kind of person? They've got that covered too. Check out your options and a list of studios here.

With all of those options there are few reasons to be stuck in a fitness rut! Do you have a favorite studio? Share with us in the comments below or in the forum!