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Unplug With Aging Well Denver Challenge

How much time each day do you spend looking at a screen? Most of us don't even think about it. We wake up to an alarm on our phone, which was plugged in on our bedside table. Maybe you scroll through the news on your iPad while you drink your coffee or browse social media to see what you missed in the 7 hours you were sleeping. Then, you head off to work, where you stare primarily at a computer, checking your phone often for any interesting alerts or notifications. After work, you head home to make dinner with the tv on in the background... do you see where we're going with this?

We need a break! A digital detox. Even if the above example seems extreme to you, most Americans check their phones an average of 47 times a day. That doesn't include the time we spend passively using technology, like listening to podcasts, or streaming the news. We are constantly absorbing information and it can really take a toll on your mental and physical health.

For the month of August, we want you to join us in unplugging for just one hour a day. That's 31 hours you will be gaining that aren't interrupted by the regular buzz of your smartphone or the glare of blue light coming from your screen. August marks the end of the dog days of summer and once September is here most of us can barely remember what it was like to have a full day off. School is starting, work picks up and fall weather means we are inside more. Take advantage of these next 31 days!

What can you do with an hour a day? We have tons of ideas! Come back throughout this month for a new suggestions every day on how you can use your time, and why it's important. Do you already know what you'll do with it? Show us!

Print the sign here, and take a photo showing us what you did with your hour! Post it on social media using the tag #unplugwithAWD and be featured on our page. Get your community involved too and spend your hour with the people in your life that mean something to you!

Happy unplugging!