I grew up in New York City, but fell in love with Colorado while visiting many mountain areas as a child. As a result, I ended up attending the University of Denver (DU) when Denver was truly a cow-town and fell in love with the growing city and the mountains as well as a guy (not the guy I married). I received my Bachelor in Arts majoring in Political Science and History. Following graduation, I went back to DU and received my certification in Secondary Education. I went on to teach in a federal youth program, followed by teaching English as a Second Language in Aurora, and finally settling in the Jefferson County School system for 24 years teaching reading, American history and economics to grades 7 - 9.

When my mother died in 1999 I retired from teaching to take on our family New York land lease business in commercial and residential leasing in New York City. Until I sold it in 2010. My dad had always groomed me to do this so I had a great deal of experiential learning even though I did not go to business school. During my years of teaching and running a business I became heavily involved with several Denver community organizations serving on a number of boards. All of which I still stay connected with.

Margot and her  husband Allan on vacation in Wyoming

I have served on the boards of: Junior Achievement Rocky Mountain Inc., F.A.C.E.S. (Family, Advocacy, Care, Education, Support), Juvenile Diabetes Foundation, and Junior League of Denver. In addition, I have served on advisory boards of Mizel Museum of Judaica and National Jewish Medical and Research Center. I just retired from 17 years of service on the Denver Center for the Preforming Arts Board (DCPA), and am now honored to be a lifetime honorary board member. I continue to serve as a trustee at DU and am currently secretary of the board. Having been a trustee at DU for the past 18 years, I have served on audit, advancement, finance, and the executive committee. My other board involvement is with Women With a Cause Foundation (WWAC), which enables single mothers and women veteran’s to break the cycle of poverty through education. In addition to these I have continued to be involved with the Craig Hospital Foundation, the University of Miami Project to Cure Paralysis and Denver Hospice.

I believe it is very important to be engaged and give back to your community. One of my strengths while volunteering on these boards is to connect people with causes and help them make a positive impact.

As a result of my experience caring for my parents, my husband, and other family members who have experienced major health problems, I developed a passion to have access to better healthcare and healthy aging. Recognizing that healthcare and aging well is difficult I wanted to help others be more savvy about their own personal health as well as those who are maneuvering our challenging Colorado healthcare system. Finally, I decided to develop with Britney Menter. Denver is a logical choice to place focus because we have the second largest growing millennial and senior population in the country.

Margot with her two dogs

I am often described as youthful in spirit, yet demonstrating the wisdom that comes with age and the energy of a 25-year old. Thus, you have The Seasoned Millennial. None of my energies and activities would be possible without my strong social connectiveness to friends, family, the arts and workouts.


My immediate family consists of my husband Allan, daughters Valerie and Lisa, two grandchildren, two great grandchildren, our 4-year old golden retriever and 6-year old wheaton terrier.

BRitney Menter | COO and web design

I was born in Wiesbaden, Germany in 1990 after my mom got out of the military, and my dad was still active duty. We came back to the US and settled in Peyton, Colorado, a small-town east of Colorado Springs. My family consisted of my parents Brad, a retired Army veteran, my mom Tracy, a public-school payroll administrator, and my younger brother Zachary. 


Early in childhood I fell in love with designing and sewing clothes and continued the hobby into adulthood as well as painting and general arts. In college I began documenting my projects on a personal blog before they were popular and a potential income source. I became interested and taught myself to code and design websites while working as an accountant. It was a hobby I grew to love but never thought I would pursue professionally. Following high school, I attended college at Colorado State University in Fort Collins for Communications and a minor in Business. My now husband got a job as a Construction Foreman in Loveland, Colorado and I lucked out and got a job as an Accountant at Crop Production Services.

Britney and her husband Blake at the Grand Canyon 

After my husband and I had both worked at our corporate jobs for 4 years we decided to be adventurous. We packed up our things, sold our house, bought a Winnebago and took our dogs on a cross-country road trip. We documented our whole trip on a blog we created and used as a journal. Toward the end of our trip my husband accepted a job as COO of an LED lighting company and I started job hunting throughout the Denver metro area.


I met with Margot to help her start what was going to be a blog of her own.

After researching and attempting to navigate information on Aging Well in the Metro Area we realized that the need was much greater for a resource that consolidated information and came up with Aging Well Denver.


The reason I was drawn to creating this site was in part due to the fact that I experienced many health challenges with my family through the years and realize how little access people have to comprehensive information. As COO, I get to use my web designing skills and my accountancy skills. I am proud of what Aging Well Denver has become, yet realize how much more we have to do.