Upcoming Volunteer Projects and Events in Colorado 

Learn about opportunities organized by Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado. VOC works with conservation and land agencies to provide outdoor stewardship projects for youth groups, business group projects or the general public. Click read more to see their current events calendar and learn how you can get more involved in maintaining our beautiful backyard! 

The 'Right' Amount of Volunteering for Older Adults

About 46 percent of participants in the study reported improved health and well-being; nearly two-thirds had decreased their feelings of isolation and 67 percent of those who initially lacked significant companionship experienced improved social connections.

Giving Proof

"The adage says it’s better to give than to receive. But is it really? The scientific evidence that generosity is good for us has been scant, even as the benefits of selfishness are obvious. Recently, however, a neurological study published in Nature Communications found there may be some biological truth to the maxim after all."

By Gretchen Reynolds 

For The New York Times

Benefits of Volunteering 

"Perhaps the first and biggest benefit people get from volunteering is the satisfaction of incorporating service into their lives and making a difference in their community and country.
The intangible benefits alone—such as pride, satisfaction, and accomplishment—are worthwhile reasons to serve."

The Corporation for National and

Community Service